Dipl. math. Eike Fokken


Research Assistant
B6, Room C305
Tel.: +49 (0)621 181-2564
Fax: +49 (0)621 181-3577

Office hour: by appointment


FSS 2018: Modellierung und Simulation (Master Seminar)

Research Interests

  • Constrained optimization
  • Lyapunov stability
  • Gas dynamics
  • Power modeling


  • 08/10:            B.Sc. in Physics, Heidelberg University
  • 08/14:            M.Sc. in Physics, Heidelberg University
  • 02/17:            Diploma in Mathematics, Heidelberg University
  • Since 10/17: Research Assistant, School of Business Informatics and Mathematics, University of Mannheim



  1. E. Fokken, S. Göttlich, O. Kolb - Modeling and simulation of gas networks coupled to power grids, December 2018.
  2. E. Fokken, S. Göttlich, O. Kolb - Optimal control of compressor stations in a coupled gas-to-power network, Proceedings, December 2018.


  1. E. Fokken - Numerical Examination of certain Random Matrices - Bachelor Thesis in Physics, University of Heidelberg, August 2010.
  2. E. Fokken - Supersymmetric Defects in Torus Models - Master Thesis in Physics, University of Heidelberg, August 2014.
  3. E. Fokken - Lyapunov Analysis of Dynamical Systems using Sums-of-Squares Programming - Diploma Thesis in Mathematics, University of Heidelberg, February 2017.