Workshop on ''Stochastic dynamics for complex networks and systems''


This workshop focuses on the modeling and control of complex networks and systems. From a microscopic point of view, complex systems are characterized by the dynamics of single parts such as production goods or individuals in crowds. Naturally, the dynamics is driven by a deterministic part but can also be affected by stochastic events such as machine failures or random decisions in pedestrian dynamics.

The goal of this workshop is to exchange ideas, recent results and techniques to applications in different contexts such as hierarchical modeling, mean-field theory and multi-scale simulation.

Further information

  • The presentations will be held in the room A204 in building B6, 23


Presentation and Discussion
Dieter Armbruster (Arizona State University)
''Boltzmann vs. Fokker-Planck: Two models for Mt/Mt/1 queueing''  - Part I
Presentation and Discussion
Kerstin Lux (University of Mannheim)
''Tracing back a stochastic optimal inflow control problem to a deterministic setting''

Presentation and Discussion
Sebastien Motsch (Arizona State University)
''Kinetic theory in econophysics''
Presentation and Discussion
Dylan Weber (Arizona State University)
''Stochastic versus deterministic consensus dynamics on graphs''
LunchPresentation and Discussion
Dieter Armbruster (Arizona State University)
''Boltzmann vs. Fokker-Planck: Two models for Mt/Mt/1 queueing''  - Part II
Presentation and Discussion
Stephan Knapp (University of Mannheim)
''Production network models with stochastic load-dependent and history-based machine failures'' 
Presentation and Discussion
Claudia Totzeck (TU Kaiserslautern)
''Controlling (stochastic) interacting particles and their mean-field limits''
Presentation and Discussion
Axel Klar (TU Kaiserslautern)
"Kinetic half space problems and coupling conditions
for hyperbolic PDEs on networks“ 
Presentation and Discussion
Michael Herty (RWTH Aachen University)
''Kinetic Theory and Ensemble Kalman Filtering'‘
Departure for dinner at ''Eichbaum Brauhaus''